Literary Volunteers of Delaware and Otsego Counties
Teaching Essential Skills

Tutor Responsibilities

What's Expected of Me?

A key benefit to both student and tutor is the relationship that grows between them as they work on skills together weekly. To encourage real gains in skills as well as build that relationship, we ask for a commitment of at least a year from tutors. However, we realize that our tutors have lives that may take them out of town for periods of time, so we try to accommodate those plans. Prospective volunteers who spend a summer or winter away from the local area should discuss their likely plans with the Program Coordinator, Eva Davidson, when applying to become a tutor.

For new tutors, especially those without teaching experience, we recommend not only an orientation to LVODC, but in-service training focused on their area of interest, such as ESOL, reading, or math tutoring. We offer a series of face-to-face sessions in the fall, with optional online training as a supplement or as an alternative mode of training, and occasional workshops in the spring. Both the discussion-style training materials and the online program were developed by Literacy New York.

Tutor Responsibilities:

  • Meet students at least once per week for one and a half hours in a public setting such as a library, church, or school in the community that you and your student agree upon

  • Provide student-centered, individualized instruction in basic reading and writing literacy, basic math, or English as a Second Language

  • Prepare lessons tailored to the student’s needs and goals

  • Be supportive, enthusiastic, flexible and reliable

  • Let the student know when you are unable to meet and insist that the student do the same for you

  • Complete monthly volunteer log/time sheets with brief progress notes and submit them to the Program Coordinator in a timely manner

  • Utilize printed resources available at LVODC Office (returning any borrowed materials so that others have access)

  • Attend tutor trainings:  tutors are strongly encouraged to attend 10 hours of training during their first year, and in subsequent years at least one training session per year

  • Maintain confidentiality about the student

  • Develop a special relationship with your student

  • Have fun!