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We provide free help for adults who want to improve their basic literacy skills. We match tutors with those in need of basic reading, writing, math, or English-as-a-second-language skills. Tutors and students meet at a public location and a time most convenient for them. All contact between the tutors, students and LVODC remains strictly confidential. 

We understand that it’s hard to live in today’s world without the ability to read, write, do basic math, or speak English with confidence, and we provide a supportive and judgment-free zone where you can focus on learning and take your life to the next level!  If you would like to be tutored in one of our subject areas, or if you know an adult who would like weekly tutoring, contact Eva Davidson, our Program Coordinator, at, or call her at (607) 287-0036

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If you are 16 years of age or over and no longer in school, you may contact the Program Coordinator of LVODC directly for tutoring, or you may be referred by an agency, employer, academic program, friend, or family member. After a confidential interview and placement tests to make sure that our services fit your needs, you will be matched with a local tutor. You and your tutor will exchange contact information and arrange to meet weekly in a convenient public place, such as a library or coffee shop, for one-and-a-half to two hours. You must agree to be retested to measure your progress and to identify areas needing additional work. 

Together you and your tutor identify your learning goals and needs, and your tutor fashions lessons tailored to these. The goals of our students vary.  Some may want to learn how to read to a child or help with homework. Others may want to earn a High School Equivalency (also known as the TASC or GED).  Some of our students would like a promotion at work but first need better reading, writing, or math skills. ESOL students may wish to understand and be understood in English to order to adapt to daily life in the United States, get a job or a better job, communicate with their children’s teachers, gain a driver’s license, or even prepare for the citizenship exam. For native speakers of languages other than English, we run conversation groups at different levels on most weekday mornings at Center Street School in Oneonta to allow additional practice in spoken English as well as cross-cultural exchange.

If you would like to be tutored in one of our subject areas, contact Eva Davidson, our Program Coordinator, at, or call her at (607) 287-0036